5 Tips About Riding Ebikes in the Winter
As it’s getting colder and colder, riding electric bikes is something quite different from how we do it in summer. For example, the roads will be much more slippery, which is going to have an impact on your safety. Definitely, there is not only one iss
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How to Choose an All-Terrain Electric Bike?
All-terrain electric mountain bikes are sweeping the globe and becoming an obsession among riders who desire versatile e-bikes that can tackle any landscape. This is a motor-powered bike that can be used on every surface, including snow, rain, sand, dirt,
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Ebike Tire: What psi Should My Ebike Be?
It goes almost without saying that quality tires are essential. Your safety depends upon it! Everybody loves the brand-name fat tires that come on the MAGiCYCLE Cruisers, Ocelots, and the Jaguarundi. MAGiCYCLE has a reputation for insisting on band-name c
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