EBike Hub Motor: Front Wheel VS Rear Wheel
The hub motor is the most common type of motor that is integrated into the front or rear wheel. So what type of motor should you choose for your ebike? Is it a front wheel or a rear wheel hub motor? To give you a better understanding of hub motors, this a
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Can Electric Bikes Go Uphill? Here is the Answer
Electric bikes are becoming popular among riders all over the world. You may often see people commuting to work on electric bikes in the street. They use ebikes to get to work every day instead of going by car or a regular bike. While e-bikes are great fo
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Ebike Maintenance: How to Maintain Ebike Chain
Who hasn't experienced this? After a few weeks break, you get the electric bike out of the cellar again. When you start pedaling, the chain drive makes a squeaking and creaking sound. You will be slightly annoyed by the sound, which inevitably affects you
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