Ebike Tire: What psi Should My Ebike Be?
It goes almost without saying that quality tires are essential. Your safety depends upon it! Everybody loves the brand-name fat tires that come on the MAGiCYCLE Cruisers, Ocelots, and the Jaguarundi. MAGiCYCLE has a reputation for insisting on band-name c
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8 Useful Ways to Prevent Ebike Thefts
Bikes, especially e-bikes, have grown substantially in recent years. Electric bikes are even more of an excellent target for thieves, an unfortunate reality of the electric bike world. The combination of high-value e-bikes and often inadequate theft prote
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Top 4 Things That can Ruin Your Ebike Rides
We always say that electric bikes for adults can bring you a lot of fun, and it is absolutely true when we have the right ones for us, on which we can commute, go camping, travel, etc. But, to be honest, it could not be that fun all the time as there are
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