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Simon Wright

Dream Bike

This Cruiser ebike is everything I wanted and more. I live in a countryside with a lot of hills. The bike delivers ample power to boost me up thhose hills. It is a very comfortable riding bike with excellent handling. I also like the stability that its fat tires give to my ride. All in all it's a really great bike and well worth the price.

Gustave Sophy

Outstanding ebike and foldable

The Jaguarundi step through is portable and stylish. I can fit my bike in the hatchback of my vehicle and bring it anywhere I go. This ebike is also very high quality. It has plenty of power and handles very well. I can easily control the amount of exercise and speed I want. Overall, I am very happy with it.

Carey Cumberland

Pretty good

I live in a hilly part of town and wanted to get a bike that I could ride easily. I have to ride back home up some steep hills. So I bought a Jaguarundi and took it around the neighborhood and the assist really helps tackle those hills for me. I'm quite fat now and trying to shed a few pounds. Hoping this bike will help me do it.

Marsh Dewey

Sturdy Ebike

The Jaguarundi is a great ebike, especially for new riders like myself who are still building their confidence. The folding mechanic is pretty simple and helps keep things easily stored in my tiny 1-bedroom apartment. Despite being a folding bike, it is wonderfully sturdy. So far have ridden 100 miles. It has a nice smooth ride. It also handles really well, including on gravel. I like riding it.

Clare Tate

Great folding bike

I love this bike. The handlebars are wider than some of the other folding bikes I've tried making the bike feel much sturdier and riding more comfortable. It's not too heavy to push around. Folding is simple. I bought it because I do a lot of biking and I wanted to be a little less sore all the time. This gets me up hills so easily. I usually stick to pedal assist and don't have to work as hard when going uphill.

Lionel Thomas

Total Satisfaction

This bike is exactly what I need to enjoy riding again. With the pedal assist, it helps keep my knees from hurting during the ride. I can do longer rides. On top of that with the step through design it makes it so easy to get on and off. I’ve been averaging 10 miles per ride since I got this bike. I’ve already logged 150 miles in the first month of ownership. This bike will help me keep exercising and live a healthier life.

Rex Marshall

Quality Product

This thing is compact and perfect for when we are camping or fishing. We love being able to get a closer look at birds while waiting for a fish to bite. It is lightweight and has great imaging. Overall, it's a great quality product! Thank you for such a great product at a very affordable price.

Leo Thoreau

Easy to use

I like this monocular because it was very easy to use. It has a wide and clear focus lens for viewing distance with comfort. Rotate the focus wheel to take a closer look at animals of choice. This product is very well designed. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for something similar.

Beck Ramsden

Great Monocular

I had been considering purchasing a monocular for hunting, but finally decided to do so before winter hunting began. I'm so glad I did! I've enjoyed being able to observe and then zoom in on deer and other animals from my stand, take photos and send it to family members. The pictures are very clear.

Noel Mill

Magicycle Battery

Great to have a spare battery for longer rides. I like how the batteries can easily be changed while on a ride. So I bought a second battery so I could take extended rides. I carry it in my battery bag as a backup. The battery works well. I was able to ride another 50-80 miles on this battery.

Abbott Terry

Awesome performance

Magicycle is very conservative in estimating battery life. I try to ride without assist as much as possible and have put on 15+ miles using only 20% battery life. Very pleased with the battery and its life, plus I really like the aesthetic of the battery fitting into the frame.

Blair Buckle

Extra battery

I bought a second battery since we live in a hilly area. I bought it to add additional range. The battery works great. Gives me an additional 50 miles. Now with two batteries, I can ride as long as I want and have no worries or anxiety.