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Robin O.

Great Looking Bike!

True step through with power enough for hills and full suspension for the trails. Looks like Magicycle has a winner with the new Deer! Looking forward to the rollout!



My compliments on what seems to be a very well thought out design and engineered electric cross country mountain bike.Bold look to match the purpose is very impressive.I am a retired engineer and can very much appreciate the extensive engineering that has gone into this product.I am a beginner at electric bicycling and my eyes are squarely on your Deer.This would be my first electric bike. I only hope now that the pricing doesn’t come in too much more than your Cruiser Pro. Good Luck with your introduction.


To bad I'm too short even for the step-through

With recommended height of 5'8" place me out of this one I was looking for it to go along with my Aventon Level 2. Best of luck to though.

Pat Goodrich

It looks awesome

The Deer looks absolutely awesome. Love everything you can see and read. On the trail or in the mountains where I live, it will be a winner. The full suspension is the icing on the cake.

Robert Bourgon

Great bike rack.

This e-bike rack is solid and well built. The shipping left the box badly damaged and open, therefore I do not know if there were instructions in the box, but I found none. It took a few minutes and with the picture I was able to assemble the whole rack. There was some minor damage, but it seems to be functioning just fine. Not heavy, versatile and solid. A great way to safely and easily transport any e-bike of regular bike out there.

Don Bucklin

Can’t wait

Bike looks like it has the best of the Ocelot and Cruiser. I can’t wait to see it.


I'm going to get 2!

I was getting one for myself, but when my wife saw it, I have to be down for 2 now!

Brent Silcox

Like what I see on paper.

I have a Magicycle step thru. I like what I read about the new Deer. I like the color choices and higher capacity battery, hydraulic brakes are a plus. I want to know the tooth count on the crankset. I also am excited about the ability to further adjust top speed. I am definitely a potential customer.

John Hawkins

This could double as a great commuter bike.

I would love to have a bike similar to this. Would love to see it with Gravel bike or street tires rather than fat tires. Also a torque sensor and I'd have the perfect commuter bike.

Shawn James


I have been researching electric bikes for over two years trying to find the perfect one for me. I think that the DEER is the one. It checks all the boxes for me with payload, range, geometry, and hopefully price. I can’t wait, I want one now!

William Siggins

Finally a All Terrain E-Bike

Well it’s Awesome to see an All Terrain Rock Hopper Type E-Bike for us Portly Ground Pounders! To see a Neon Flash (or in this case DEER) roll by on the Mountainous Trails whipping thru those woods while taking the trails with ease will be jaw dropping and awe inspiring. I hope someday this will be mine, yet for now I can only watch, scheme and dream about the possibilities of riding that DEER into Glory!

Deb Verillo


The new Deer colors are very appealing. I can't decide. But minimum rider height 5'8". Magicycle- we need the rear suspension on the Ocelot too!