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Clarence Marlowe

Waterproof Stickers

Your stickers have good quality, once I put my ebike outside in the rain, I found that the stickers are waterproof and not affected by the rain. So far they have remained on my bike and aren't peeling, time will tell. I've been using them for 2 months.

Griffith Romeo

Just Right

Just what I needed to keep me and my ebike on good terms with the game warden. It's a good quality sticker; fits just right on my ebike, and easy to apply. Also, these stickers are waterproof. I am very happy with my purchase.

Derrick Wiegert

My Choice

I researched many different brands and looked at a number of real reviews. There are some awesome bikes out there no question but the overall comparison for price/value, performance, reliability, and safety are hands down going to the cruiser pro. I chose to buy this today for a daily commuter to work (roughly 20 miles one-way) all paved and open road travel. I'm excited to mix some exercise into my daily routine again and save the gas & wear on the car!

Kori LHorsley

Macicycle is the best

I have had my Magicycle cruiser step through for almost a year. I love this bike. For those of you that are concerned about the height requirement "for riders, 5'.5" to..", I am 5'4". I was concerned at first, but once all the adjustments were made, It's not to bad. I had to lower my seat to the lowest possible position and when stopped, I am on my toes. Actually, the balls of my feet & is comfortable stopped at red lights. I am still learning all the shifting up & down to the comfort level of the pedal assist. I like more of a workout than constantly doing the pedal assist. Been on paved, dirt, curvy mountain side gravel/dirt/washboard road. The bike handles very well. I have yet to do the beach, but that is on the list for this year. The only other con, is the seat. This is no fault of the bike's working ability. I just thought I would mention. Those blasted seat are so uncomfortable. I've bought the padded things that go over the seat, and have bought 2 other seats. All in all, this bike is a keeper. You will not go wrong with this purchase.


I'm looking at it like a deer in the headlights!

I have the cruiser pro, it has been a very fun bike. The Deer looks great, is the rear suspension adjustable?

R. Paul Prichard

Just What We Need

After back surgery in 2015, including fusion at L4 — L5, I have been looking for a full suspension e-bike. With all the high quality components , this one is a winner. Absolutely love the bright neon color choices but it's a tough call between lemon and lime. I hope it's priced competitively like the rest of the Magicycle line. If so, I hope they can build them fast enough that I can get mine by Spring.

Jose Sanchez

I want one...

Happy to see a rear suspension on this bike. I find that my lower back takes a pounding on bumpy roads with hardtail bikes. Another nice thing is that you still get a rack for storage. I find that a lot of full suspension ebikes omit the rack. Looking forward to this one.

W. Scott Koenig

Very Sturdy Bike Rack. Especially at this Price Point.

I've had my Magicycle Cruiser Pro for about 6 months, and have been hesitant to purchase a car bike rack to accomodate it due to price of other mainstream racks. I was looking at $700 and hitch installation, which would have put me at around a grand. That's a lot of money for our middle class household. So when I saw the Magicycle rack at just $399, I ordered one and just took it out for its first run today. It accommodated both my Cruiser Pro and my son's EMTB (of similar style/weight) with no problems whatsoever. It took just a few minutes to load/unload our bikes, and the mounting hardware is very secure and easy to move into place. I love that there's zero contact with the frame. I also like that it folds up easily so it's still on our car but out of the way when we're not hauling our bikes. I can't speak for the ease of assembly, as we had our local U-Haul install our hitch and paid them a little extra to assemble and mount the rack. The installer mentioned that it's just as solid as other name brands, which I felt was a great endorsement. Thanks Magicycle!

Steve Coufal


These locks are very Heavy Duty as well as the cable. I wasn't sure what to expect but these are very nice I just wish they stocked these in their warehouse and send them as fast as they delivered the bikes. I waited about 3-1/2 weeks for them. Absolutely 5 Stars!!!

Richard Prichard

Can't wait

I was just about to pull the trigger on a Step through pro When I saw That this bike was coming. I absolutely love the neon green color and can't wait to order this bike , Provided that it does not cost too much. It really shouldn't be too much more expensive than a Cruiser Pro. If the good people at Magicycle price it fairly, count me in!


It's a beast

First of all, I took my time and put it together correctly. Some things may seem tricky, make sure you line your bolts up correctly. Whatever the psi says on the tires, go about 5lbs under, a little less up front, to prevent puncture. Since then, I have taken this in all sorts of terrain and weather besides rain, of course, here in SE WI. That includes ice, snow, sand, mud, hills, hills with ice and mud, gravel bike trails, paved roads smooth and with potholes, prairie with thorns and branches.... and I push it with the pedals full out throttle down the road and I've chilled with the throttle cruising the lake front. I was quite impressed. Nothing like the 750w motors I used 12 years ago and these fat tires feel smooth, safe, and secure on the Pro, just beautiful. The battery gives you that extra power and distance that you just don't get ftom the lesser voltages. I have pushed this thing at least 3000 miles. Each ride 20+ miles. My longest being in the 40's on one charge. My odometer stuck at 4 million something miles after a few days and my kickstand needs securing on occasion are the only issues I've had. There were others out there but for the price, the powerful battery, and the look, I don't think there was a better option out there. My pics show my custom waterproof "battery blanket" and controller guard for this Wisconsin weather and other accessories that mount right up. It has the most durable attached rear rack I have come across. Great bike.


Is it Februaty 1st yet?

Oh my gosh ~ release this thing already! lol I can’t wait! I just got turned on to e-bikes and I’m super excited to get my first one. I’d love to see this in an ocean blue or teal. Also, if they ever came out with an electric trike, I’d get one for my mom!