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Daniel Franklin

Impressive offering from a reputable brand

I had the chance to try out the cruiser bike from magicycle, and I was very impressed. The power and handling was superb! This bike seems to add features like full suspension and increased range and payload capacity that will only improve the bike. I also love the colors!! I look forward to seeing how it performs!!

Jonny Lang

Its hunting season! Gonna catch me a deer!

Love this new style. Can't wait till its out! Great job

Jonny Lang

Never seen suspension stepthru before

Beautiful bike. Would love to ride it. Can't wait till feb. Great job

John Stumpf

Looks Great

I have been researching e-bikes for about a year. The new Deer is exactly what I am looking for. This is my first e-bike purchase and I want to make sure I get it right. The rear suspension is what has me most interested in this new model. Can't wait for the rollout in February!

Isidore Lawrence

Ebike Key

A few months ago, I bought an Ocelot ebike from website. This ebike performs very well and I feel very comfortable while riding it. So I often take it out and enjoy nature. But one day, when I was planning to go out for a ride, I found that my ebike key was missing. In response, I approached Magicycle for their help. They told me that they could customize the key, and that solved my problem. Thank you Magicycle!

Sean Becher

Great Key

I needed a replacement key for my ebike because I had accidentally lost it. In response, I found Magicycle to help me with this. But the waiting time for the replacement key is a bit long. Luckily, I finally got the replacement key, otherwise I would have been in big trouble.

Harley Bertha

Replacement Keys

I am a person who often loses things, so I am worried about the day I lose my ebike keys. To avoid this, I needed to find replacement keys. I found out that Magicycle can customize the keys to my ebike. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you Magicycle!

Brandon Jacob


Three months ago, I bought a Magicycle Cruiser electric bike for my father. He told me he loves the bike and rides it a lot to enjoy nature. But one day he said he lost the keys and never found them. I later found out that Magicycle can customize ebike keys, so I got Magicycle to make a special set of keys for him. This way he don't need to worry about losing your keys.

Zebulon Pope

Exactly what I need

I was planning to go out for a ride with my friends last week. But I found that my e-bike key was missing. I searched for a long time but couldn't find it. Fortunately Magicycle allows custom keys, so I can have replacement keys.

Egbert Theresa

Nice Stickers

Stickers look flaws. The stickers..class 2 500W 20MPH Really stand out. In United State, if you don't have these speed stickers police will stop you. A friend got a fine because his factory sticker said 35 MPH.

Winfred Lindsay

Class Number Stickers

The seller describes the stickers as waterproof - Removable as needed. So I purchase these stickers. They do have good quality and are waterproof. These stickers also show off my e-bike class very well. Very good product for ebike.

Alan Kingsley

Good Quality Stickers

Some bike brand does not supply these on their ebikes and they are required in Tennessee on all ebikes in order to identify the Class of e-bike. So I purchase these stickers for my ebike. These stickers are good quality and waterproof. I love them.